Siding Repair

Let’s face it. Your home exterior is always exposed to various elements that can negatively impact some of its components and parts, particularly your siding. While other parts of your home’s exterior, like your roof, are designed and structured to keep water out of your house, your siding panels can’t simply do that. For this reason, even minor damages can cause moisture to penetrate the system and invite in worse damages or problems. Cracks or siding separations alone can cause mold, rust, and water damage on wood. This is why it is important that you call a siding repair company to immediately fix even the slightest damage to prevent bigger problems in the future.

This is where Fairfax Siding Pros come in. We guarantee that you can put your trust in our company to fix or repair any damage on your siding, big or small. Ranging from minor siding repairs to damaged section replacement, we guarantee that we can have your siding looking good again in no time.

Siding Repair Overview

For siding repair services, Fairfax Siding Pros offers a free initial siding inspection. We will expect for damages, cracks, water damage, and signs for wear and tear. We also offer inspection of your soffit and fascia as a bonus in order to gauge the severity of the damage in your home’s exterior. Estimates and consultations are also provided for free to all interested customers. After all, our main priority is to serve everyone the best way we can.

Fairfax Siding Pros also work on a wide assortment of siding materials. In the past we have worked on vinyl, cedar, fiber cement, wood, metal, and aluminum siding repairs. We assure you that we carry abundant knowledge and experience to perform repairs on any type of siding. So regardless of the material of your existing siding, you can rely on our siding experts to know just how to fix without any problems at all.

In addition to all that, our company also offers siding maintenance and restoration to keep your existing siding looking like it’s brand new, giving your home a long-lasting appeal. As a bonus, we also provide water-resistant sheeting installation at the back of your siding to improve its durability and protect it from any elements that may damage or deteriorate it. We understand how vulnerable your siding can be, so we do our best to offer top quality materials and added protective features that can help prolong its lifespan.

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Contact Fairfax Siding Pros for all your siding repair needs. Our siding experts are skilled and experienced in performing different types of repairs in various kinds of siding. We guarantee that we can get the job done no matter how big of a task it is. We are always equipped and prepared to address any kind of siding repair your home needs.

Call us today for a free inspection, estimate, and consultation. We promise you; you’ll never go wrong in choosing Fairfax Siding Pros for all your siding repairs, maintenance, and restoration needs.

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