Metal Siding

Metal siding has been a popular alternative to wood, vinyl, and other siding materials in cases wherein durability is the main priority. In the current industry, metal sidings are either made out of steel or aluminum. Truth be told, each has its strengths. However, they do bear similarities like being extremely durable and resistant to fire. For this reason, they have been used in many house cladding projects since the 1940s. Despite being used as early as the 40s, they only gained definite popularity in the 1980s, especially since metal siding systems have been improved significantly to gain a new sophisticated embossing and coatings that simulate the appearance of wood.

Metal Siding Types

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding is popularly known for its highly resistant properties from deteriorating agents such as rotting, rusting, and blistering. It is also generally fireproof and impervious to termite infestation. Nevertheless, it has its drawbacks too. Without proper maintenance and care, aluminum siding can be prone to scratches and corrosion.

In general, aluminum siding comes as extruded panels in a wide variety of factory-baked colors, textures, and styles. Somehow, it’s structure and design is a bit similar to vinyl, except 12x36 inch and 12x48 inch panels which particularly simulate the appearance of cedar shakes.

A benefit from installing aluminum siding is its low maintenance requiring nature. Mainly, caring for it involves hosing it off occasionally, cleaning surface stains with non-abrasive cleaning solutions, and routinely refinishing it with paint that is compatible with the material. As a bonus, your aluminum siding has the capability to last for over 40 years if given proper care and maintenance.

In general, aluminum siding is lightweight and easy to install. This is why most DIY enthusiasts have opted for this type of siding for their own personal siding installation projects. Nevertheless, relying on a siding company like Fairfax Siding Pros will ensure that the installation is done perfectly and effectively. While it might seem easy, metal installation can be a little tricky at times so it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Steel Siding

Steel siding has been used by a lot of homeowners for decades. In a way, it has similar benefits to aluminum, especially since they’re mainly both types of metal. Like aluminum siding, it is resistant to rot and fire, as well as insect infestation such as termites. Nevertheless, steel siding is actually a lot stronger, heavier, and more resistant to denting than aluminum. And unlike the former type of metal siding, it really requires the expertise of a professional to install it.

Mainly, steel siding are extruded in the same type of panels as aluminum and vinyl. The material is also given a baked-on finish in a wide assortment of colors. Its texture, however, range from smooth to wood grain, unlike aluminum siding.

Nevertheless, maintenance for steel siding is fairly easy too. It only involves hosing it down and priming scratches before they develop rust. But with proper care and maintenance, you’ll be rewarded with a siding that can last 40 years or even more.

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